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Businesses for Career and Technical Education (CTE)


The New American Dream - (ACT Foundation)
White paper focusing on the ACT Foundation for living, learning, and working in the performance area.

High Schools and Career Readiness - (Department of Education)
Printable two-page document pertaining to strengthening the pipeline to the middle class.


Industry & Education Partnerships

Partnerships between industry and education help solve educational challenges and provide businesses the chance to increase the pool of qualified applicants to fill their skills gaps. These mutually beneficial relationships are starting around the country and the IWNC is dedicated to sharing the best practices of successful programs.

Barrington High School - Business Incubator Startup  

Energy Savings Case Study - St. Lucie County School District  

Strategies for Business & Industry Engagement  

Building a Workforce Pipeline Creates Competitive Advantage  

Learn Earn Blueprint  

Life Journey  

Gateway Technical College       

  ACTE Business Sector Reports

Career and technical education has a critical role in educating and preparing the qualified workforce for business and industry. The Industry Sector Sheets illustrate how CTE supports specific industries and can be shared as an advocacy tool with industry, education leaders and policymakers.

Advanced Manufacturing

CTE: The Key to Economic Development in Health Care

CTE: The Key to Economic Development in Energy

CTE: The Key to Economic Development in Information Technology

CTE: The Key to Economic Development in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Case Studies: Business & Education Partnerships

Businesses around the country are partnering with education to develop programs that can prepare students for careers, fill hiring needs, and encourage economic development. The below case studies herald the success of these programs.

Taking Business to School - AAR     

Taking Business to School - Hypertherm     

Taking Business to School - Milacron     

Taking Business to School - PGE     

Taking Business to School - Pratt and Whitney     

Taking Business to School - Siemens     

Taking Business to School - Toyota     

Taking Business to School - UPS     

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