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National. Learning. Economy. The NEW American Dream on behalf of ACT Foundation
learn more about key investments and our vision of a National Learning Economy where everyone is valued for their ability to perform, and where everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve greater life satisfaction for themselves and their families. Become an actor in this National Learning Economy, and join our effort in creating a New American Dream. 8/2014

Opportunities and Challenges in Secondary CTE on behalf of Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
This white paper, the first in an EDC series, draws upon the survey and interview results-as well as recent literature-to map the current and future CTE landscape. The paper focuses on two broad themes of importance in the CTE field, issues that are illustrated with findings from the survey and interviews: (1) the increased interest in career preparation that is fueling exciting opportunities for growth in CTE; and (2) the need to strengthen partnerships among secondary CTE programs, postsecondary institutions, and industry. 10/2014

Externships and Beyond: Work-Based Learning for Teachers as a Promising Strategy for Increasing the Relevance of Secondary Education on behalf of Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
This is the second Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), white paper that seeks to map the current and future career and technical education (CTE) landscape. Both papers draw on a survey of 850 secondary CTE educators and interviews with 11 state-level CTE leaders that EDC conducted in September 2013. In addition to documenting the increased interest in career preparation that is fueling exciting opportunities for growth in CTE, the survey and interviews highlighted a need to expand partnerships between secondary CTE programs and industry and to strengthen professional development (PD) for CTE educators (Kantrov, 2014). This paper explores work-based learning (WBL) for teachers, a strategy that appears to have significant potential to address both of these needs. 10/2014

Where the Jobs Are
USA Today, 9/30/2014

Career Technical Education
South Dakota Focus, South Dakota Public Radio, 5/8/2014

Five Things to Know About Vocational Ed in Ohio
Michelle Kanu, National Public Radio, 3/7/2014

Announcement from US Department of Education - 2/6/2014
The Department of Education department that oversees career and technical education has a new name. The name has changed to the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education or OCTAE (formally known as the Office of Vocational and Adult Education or OVAE). We think that this new name better reflects the field of CTE and its importance to our country. The president cast a spotlight on CTE in his State of the Union address, focusing on the importance of education and training for future and present jobs and creating greater opportunity. So, welcome to the OCTAE Connection Newsletter!

In this issue you will find:

Secretary Duncan's message that kicks off CTE Month and highlights the links between CTE and the President's message in his State of the Union address and the important work done by the CTE community.

  - As part of our follow up on developmental education, we have an article on the White House College Opportunity Summit and what one college, Lake Washington Institute of Technology committed to do to improve developmental education outcomes.

  - An announcement about the College and Career Readiness Institute scheduled for early spring.

  - And just in case you missed our last issue, here is a reminder that The National Science Foundation's Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) has announced the call for proposals for Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE). This new program will provide funding for projects that address challenges and opportunities confronting undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)

Thank you for celebrating CTE Month and sharing the great work that you do in preparing, educating and training the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Manufacturing Job Growth Prompts K-12 Training Effort
- Fenit Nirappil, Education Week, 2/4/2014


Addressing the Career in College and Career Ready
- IWNC members Jakub Prokop and Timm Boettcher, Southeast Education Network, 12/18/2013

IWNC's 2013 National Leadership Forum Registration is now open
- Industry Workforce Needs Council 8/7/2013

IWNC's 2013 National Leadership Forum Agenda
- Industry Workforce Needs Council 8/7/2013

Washburn Tech Renovations Makes Different Education Paths Attainable
- WIBW TV 7/26/2013

Intern Program Puts High School Students To Work
- Oregon Public Radio 7/18/2013

Fixing the School-Business Breakdown
- Michael Haberman, President, PENCIL, Huffington Post 7/18/2013

Technical school instructors learn at Gateway seminar
- Deneen Smith, Kenosha News 7/17/2013

Ambassador Ammon Brings Skills Initiative to Indiana
- German Missions in the United States 7/11/2013

Indiana Governor Pence: Create Pathways to Workforce with Career and Technical Education
- National Public Radio State Impact 7/9/2013

IWNC Policy Brief Released
- Janet Bray, Industry Workforce Needs Council 05/2013

Indiana Governor Pence Signs Workforce Council Bills
- National Public Radio State Impact 04/16/2013

Pathways to Properity Conference Session Videos
- Pathways to Properity Conference, Harvard Graduate School of Education March 2013


The Association for Career and Technical Education Announces Formation of Industry Workforce Needs Council
- Karen Schwoerer, Industry Workforce Needs Council 09/11/2012

Workforce Imperative: A Manufacturing Education Strategy
- Society of Manufacturing Engineers 09/10/2012

Democrats Highlight Career Academies and Community Colleges
in 2012 Platform

- CTE Policy Watch Blog, ACTE 09/6/2012

How to Start Your Career Without a College Degree
- Liisa Rajela, Researcher-Reporter, The Kiplinger Letters 09/5/2012

Skills Gap is Wide for Job Hunters
- David Nicklaus, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 09/02/2012

CTE Featured in GOP Platform
- CTE Policy Watch Blog, ACTE 08/30/2012

To Fix Skills Gap, Think Local
- Fred Dedrick, Huffington Post 08/30/2012

Don’t Blame the Skills Mismatch for the Slow Recovery
- Paula Dwyer, Bloomberg View 08/29/2012

Governor’s Order Overhauls Career and Technical Education in Kentucky
- The Lane Report 08/29/2012

California Skills Gap Spurs Community College 'Career Pathways' Job Training
- By Matt Sledge, Huffingtonpost.com08/22/2012

Colleges see higher demand for degrees in agriculture
- By Jens Manuel Krogstad, USA TODAY 08/5/2012

The skills gap: Myth or reality?
- By ADAM BELZ, Star Tribune 08/5/2012

The REAL cause of the 'Skills Gap'
- By Clare Goldsberry, Plastics Today 08/3/2012

With tech schools, numbers fly in the face of stereotypes
- By MARGARET REIST, Lincoln Journal Star 07/30/2012

Teaching Kids to Think
- By Glen Lineberry, 07/20/2012